Fort Wayne, Indiana -1938

In searching for something else came across this 17 minute video of Fort Wayne over 75 years ago. It is black and white an with no sound, but is an amazing find as it would likely have to have been professionally shot.   It is around 3 years before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and television was in its infancy as NBC only began broadcasting in 1932 and I don’t think there was any station in this area at that time.  

My mother was born in 1933 and advised all they and their friends had growing up was their imaginations; they grew up without all of our then modern conveniences of television and were better for it.    They would gather round a radio in the house and listen to radio plays and programs and make do with whatever was on hand to entertain themselves.   One particular occasion when she turned off the television to get me to go out and play she gave that speech and handed me an empty jar of Studio Girl or Avon lotion container. It was small and round and a bumpy lighter colored jewel thing embedded on the top and it was kind of pretty, but I was not thrilled.  I did pretend it contained a genie for awhile as it looked a little Aladdinish.  

Looks like I got side tracked… back to the subject at hand…Fort Wayne, 1938.

Some things are still recognizable, like the Courthouse, part of Northside High School, General Electric, the tower at the International building and the water filtration plant to name a few, but much of downtown has changed and there are other places I have no idea where they might have once been.

From Youtube posted by John Renz


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