Insidious: Chapter 3

We watched this on Tuesday and as I am not a fan of prequels, as you know how it is going to eventually end, this one was better than many.

In the timeline of the series it is before the first movie and parts of the second movie, but after the part in the second movie when there are flashbacks to when the main character used to go into the “further”, which is a dark underworld of the dead.

In this movie the main character is Quinn, an 18ish girl that goes to visit Elise, the medium from the other two films, because her Mom had passed away and wants help to reach her Mom on the other side as she feels her presence and thinks her Mom is trying to tell her something. Although Elise is out of the business as her travels into the “further” there is a woman in black that wants to take her life in the real world, but against her better judgment decides to try to help the girl. Not a good idea.

Afterwards Quinn in feeling a stronger presence, but it ain’t Mama, and thus is the premise of the movie.

Stefanie Scott is convincing in her role of Quinn, the grieving and slightly self-absorbed teenager and Lin Shaye as Elise, the grieving widow struggling with having a “gift” that she knows could kill her if she uses it. The standout though was probably the black lady, Grace with Alzheimer’s or is crazy, portrayed by Phyllis Applegate who says to Quinn after she gets out of the hospital:

“The Man Who Can’t Breathe. The Man Who Lives In The Vents. I Heard Him Saying Your Name Last Night. I Heard Him In Your Room. While You Were Gone He’s In There Standing Right Now. Standing In Your Room.”
For only having a few minutes of screen time, this had a biggest impact on setting the mood and one of the more memorable moments of the movie.
While the prior movies were written by Leigh Whannell (“Saw” series, “Dead Silence”) and directed by James Wan, Whannell also directed this movie and I think it shows. He has seems to have knack at creating flawed, yet relate-able characters and eliciting a reaction from the view. There were several times I was actually startled and cringed while watching, which is rare for me and I watch a lot of horror movies.

It is just a story, but the only thing I don’t like is that in times instead of turning to God in times of need, the characters in this movies go in a different direction, but I do see how it demonstrates how trying to go in a different direction can go so wrong.


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