International House of Pancakes

By: kmom14

Jun 27 2015

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This location is at the corner of one of the busiest intersections in the city, located on the Northwest corner of Coliseum Blvd. and Coldwater Road in Fort Wayne.  I met a friend for a later dinner around 9:30PM – one nice thing about any IHOP is they serve breakfast any time and they switch up the menu to keep things interesting.  

We both ordered the Lemon Blueberry Pancake deal that came with an egg, a few slices of bacon or sausage links (your choice) and hash browns and it was under $9.00. Service was excellent and the only bump in the road was my friend ordered a tea and it tasted funny, but the waiter apologized and offered to brew a fresh pot or get a soft drink instead.   The pancakes were perfect; light and fluffy with hints of lemon and then a surprise of blueberry flavor that melded on your taste buds, but without a hard blueberry texture.  My eggs were also perfect as was the bacon and hash browns.

The dining room, although bright and cheery with yellow seating/booths, has a odd layout; once you enter you have to go to either the dining room on the left or right and the kitchen starts almost in front of you after the lobby.

This location recently received national attention after Youtube video of a middle aged woman was arrested went viral, probably due to the guy that filmed it, who was obviously a friend of hers and probably just as tipsy, constant commentary and the video being used against him after the fact to file charges against him for his conduct that night.  Pretty much any restaurant that is open 24 hours on Friday or Saturday night is ripe for a live version of a Jerry Springer episode in the wee hours before dawn, so if you go during that time, tip you waitstaff generously for the truly earn it.

I have to admit while loving their food, this location is usually not my number one choice as it is very difficult to get into due to the medians:  You either going South on Coldwater or East on Coliseum to be able to get into the location.  The only way to get into this location going west on Coliseum is to turn left into the plaza across from Glenbrook and cut through the parking lot and if going North on Coliseum there is no way except flip around further North and head south to get in, but if hankering for breakfast for dinner, is worth the hassle:)
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Location:  4403 Coldwater Rd, Fort Wayne, IN


One comment on “International House of Pancakes”

  1. I stayed and watched the videos

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