Arby’s Bourbon Bacon and Steak Sandwich

To sum it up on one sentence I would have to say it would “Not as advertised”.

The top of the picture is what was on the order board at the drive-thru and below that is actual sandwich I received.   As you can see, it is much flatter and looks (and was) much less appetizing.

The only good part of the sandwich was the bourbon bacon that tasted like it was bourbon and honey mixed together and slathered on thick and crispy bacon.   The Dijon mustard in the mix did add another layer of flavor that made it interesting, but the interest ended then.

The onion rings on the top were soggy, the melted cheese was a little dried out and cold, as was the roast beef, which was lukewarm a funny taste.   

I ended up tossing the middle of the sandwich and just ate the bacon and bun, which was ok, but at a price of over $6 with tax, was not worth the price.  


One comment on “Arby’s Bourbon Bacon and Steak Sandwich”

  1. It isn’t “Bourbon Bacon”, it is Bourbon Dijon sauce and Brown Sugar Bacon.

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