Marv’s Cereal Bowl

By: kmom14

Jul 03 2015

Category: Kyle, Marv


Actually, it is the decoration on the wall of Ruby Tuesday but Marv kept saying it was like his cereal bowl.   He does have a few smaller stoneware bowl that my Mom had bought that was part of a promotion at Owen’s Grocery store – I think it was a deal where the more groceries you buy, the more of a discount you would get on the pieces.   As Mom only shopped once a month as she was on a fixed income, I think she bought them for practically nothing.

But to keep it real, that bowl is not really deep enough to be his cereal bowl and the plastic picnic bowl that I gave him for Easter below in more realistic.   While not often, something about cereal brings out the Jethro in him.   Kyle is the same way, except he does it one smaller bowl at a time and for both, it might be the only meal of the day.

ScreenHunter_13 Jul. 11 11.10


2 comments on “Marv’s Cereal Bowl”

  1. I have had a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the red bowl but I mostly use it for 3 bags of microwave popcorn

  2. that book is currently on my desk 08/30/2015

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