Budget Auto Rental Through Priceline.com

I don’t trust my car anymore to even go out of town, which I don’t do often, so on longer trips I usually rent a car for the day or the trip as the rental and insurance are still cheaper than a tow truck.

Recently we went to a friend’s son’s wedding in Lafayette so beforehand I checked different sites and ended up going with Priceline as they have an option for insurance through them that is cheaper than most rental companies at $11; the last time I payed insurance through at rental company it was more than the car rental. I used their direct rent option instead of bidding and leaving it to chance as Budget was open later (11PM) as wanted to get it back the same day to avoid paying for another day of insurance, although the counter person advised that I could return the vehicle then next morning if we didn’t make it back in time.

Before booking as I had never rented from Budget before, I checked out reviews online and the only negative one was someone said the car they rented smelled like “old man” so I bought a can of Glade spray to take along just in case and decided to give them a try and booked a full size car for $22.99 + taxes and fees of $8.60.  Fortunately, it did not smell like old man and it was an almost brand new 2016 Ford Fusion with a little over 1,000 miles.  The rental included unlimited miles and I chose the option to fill the tank up instead of have them fill it.  

The total rental (not including gas, which I would have had to pay for had I driven my car) was around $44.00, which was still cheaper than a tow truck.

Location:  Fort Wayne International Airport – 4100 W Ferguson Rd, Fort Wayne, IN.  Budge Rental Counter is toward the end on the right hand side after you enter the end door on the East.


One comment on “Budget Auto Rental Through Priceline.com”

  1. sounds helpful if one was thinking about renting a car for a day

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