Rosie’s Showing

After work when to Rosie’s showing.  Above is a card from her showing.

Rosie was Marv’s friend’s Dave’s wife.   They had only been married a short time when it was found that she had cancer.   They had dates when younger but he went to Alaska where the military had assigned him, and she moved elsewhere.   Marv and Dave had stopped in at Mendard’s for something and Dave went into get it and ran into her while there and reconnected, so it had to be part of God’s plan.

I had only met her once, and even then at a distance as we were driving around in December looking at the Christmas lights and she was sitting outside on the porch smoking a cigarette and went it to get Dave as he had been sleeping.

The showing at Tom Mungoven’s Funeral home on Calhoun Street and had the same musty smell and creaky floors that older funeral homes seem to have, but was clean and tidy.

They had a photo board and it was cool because they had pictures from back when they were dating when they were young, pictures from their wedding and of her life in between.

I like photo boards at funerals as they celebrate the person’s life and brings back memories that can be shared; sometimes you even learn something new from someone you never knew before.

There was a parlor to the side which was probably once a dining room of the house before it converted to a funeral home and a chair and a couch and we spent some time talking to Dave along with a few others.



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