Coney Island Wiener Stand Mug

After the showing yesterday we stopped in at Coney Island Wiener Stand downtown to catch a bite to eat.  

Marv noticed they had coffee mugs for sale and the waiter brought one over and as he sort of collects mugs and this was a sturdy one, I knew he would be interested, but I had already noticed the $7 advertised price and he would complain about the price for a simple mug.    

When the waiter told him the price I could Marv was winding up for one of his tirades and I think the waiter did too when the waiter turned it all around saying “It would only be $1 a week for 7 weeks” and could see the gears working and liked that the young man turned things around with his salesmanship and ended up buying the mug.   It is nice as it is restaurant quality and the walls are thicker than most standard mugs and will probably keep coffee hotter longer.


2 comments on “Coney Island Wiener Stand Mug”

  1. I liked his sales pitch and his positive attitude. it’a a nice mug and I’ll probable buy another one and give it as a gift

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