Burger King

The Burger King on Lima Road was recently remodeled so we dined there to check it out.

Upon entry noticed the counter is much lower and had a more friendlier vibe; before it was like at bank teller height.

On the rest of the decor we had mixed reactions; the person in front us commented on there being less seating than before and the manager confirmed but advised there was more in the play land area.  They also have one of the new-fangled all-in-one drink machine to the right and it has the same design flaw that all of the new Burger Kings seem to have with people waiting in line for drinks and people waiting at the end of the counter for their orders and if it is busy and you are the least bit claustrophobic, it is not a place you want to be as it is a crowded place.

We liked the large round lighting in the center and the high table and chairs in the center; that area looked more upscale bistro than Burger King.  The padded chairs overall were a vast improvement over the prior hard plastic benches and chairs.   Although the bench in front of the TV were comfortable, they are butt ugly and the tiny table in front barely holds a tray.  There is another bench on the other side and we can only hope that they weren’t finished putting in the other table as it was too far away from the one skinny table in the area.

I was concerned that they were going to do away with the play land area, but was happy to see that they still had i.  Although that area seemed more opened, the actual play area was now just a slide and a play mat, a place to put shoes and comfy chair next to it (although I don’t know who would want to sit next to smelly kids shoes.).   I don’t know what happened, but it smelled horrible when I went in there to check it out…not sure if it might have been a chemical in putting down the new flooring or a kid had a major accident as the odor was a combination of some chemical and ammonia.

Have never had any issues with food or service in the dining room or drive-thru at this location.


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One comment on “Burger King”

  1. most excellent review. do you do this for a living or does this excellence just comes to you naturally?

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