Caeser Salad from Panera Bread

I had signed up online and joined MyPanera and had a $5 credit that was expiring and decided to try their online “Rapid Pickup” where you order online and pay ina advance, then  specifying the date and time of pickup.  

I ordered a Caeser Salad and used the $5 credit and paid the difference (around. 85 cents) with a promotional gift card.  I arrived on time and they had problems finding it as it was stored under the promotional name on the card, not my name.  The salad itself came in the above box, which is different.  On the plus side is it less likely to end up with the lid coming off and ending up a mess in the bag; the downside is the cardboard absorbs some of the salad dressing and it feels a little creepy to have plastic silverware scrape on the bottom of the cardboard.    

The salad itself was rather a typical Caeser Salad:  Romaine lettuce, asiago-parmesan cheese and Asiago cheese and croutons.   It was a little warm not very crisp and a little wilty, but passable. The croutons were crispy and the salad dressing was decent.    It came with a half loaf of bread, which was crispy on the outside and soft and fresh on the inside, but no butter or anything to put on it.  Overall the salad and bread were ok, but nothing special and  for the price I could drive down the road to the grocery store and pick up a bagged Caeser Salad kit and loaf of french bread and have enough food for two meals (or two people).



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