Red Robin

Located in Glenbrook Mall near Macy’s, is Red Robin, which specializes up upscale burgers.   They are also  known for their “bottomless fries” that are served with it where you can get more fries at no additional cost.  

With the busy interior design, loud music and large bar section, it is geared more for a younger crowd.  It has a bar section to the right and a larger family dining section on the left.  Only bad thing about this type of set up is you don’t want your kids to sit near the bar section or they are likely to pick up some new words that will get them into trouble in school.

There did not appear to be a hostess on duty and when a waitress did finally come to seat people, she began to seat people who had just walked in instead of those that had been sitting and waiting until it my guest pointed out, making an uncomfortable moment for all involved.

We were seated in the bar area and our waiter was upbeat and friendly and checked back appropriately to keep our drinks filled and if we needed anything additional.

We both had one of their “Red Tavern” which is one of their more inexpensive burgers.   I had Nacho Crunch Tavern Double, which is a double burger topped with onions, tomatoes, Pepper-Jack cheese, tortilla strips, Cheddar cheese sauce that contained lime and ranch ($9.79) and regular fries.   It looked appealing, but overall it didn’t have the burst of flavor that I had expected and the tortilla strips weren’t very crisp; it was ok, but nothing special.  It might be the double burger drowns out the toppings and sauces.  However, I enjoyed the thick cut fries with a crispy outside and hot fresh inside and found the side serving in the basket to be more than enough to fill me up.

My guest had the “Pig Out Style Tavern Double”, which is a double burger with hardwood-smoked bacon with  aioli (mayo) with bacon-crumble and  topped with lettuce and an American cheese and Garlic Herb Fries ($10.29 + .99 additional for the fries).  He felt the same about his burger that I did; ok, but not as much flavor as expected, but loved the fries.

They also have “bottomless” soft drinks and teas and a few other drinks.   They also sell a wide variety of domestic and crafted beers, margaritas, canned and crafted cocktails and boozy shakes that look interesting, but I have never tried any of them.

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