Priceline Name Your Own Price – Avis Rental – Dent in the Door and Crack in the Windshield

By: kmom14

Aug 05 2015

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As I didn’t want to worry about vehicle problems going to the funeral tomorrow, we decided to try and rent a car. Our bid was too low but it did advised we could rent a vehicle which was about $10 more than our bid and a few dollars less than the lowest offerring on their direct rent page and decided to try that. I was not until after it was completed that found out with the fees was more than what the direct rent page was, insurance was not included or available to purchase through and no option to cancel.

It was late when we picked up the car, a  and it cost an additional $28.99 for basis insurance coverage.  Even worse, I didn’t inspect it completely and Marv called me when I got home to let me know he noticed a ding when I was pulling out of the rental lot on the passenger side door and I went out to check and sure enough there was.  I called Avis, was transferred around numerous times and told to call back in the morning; when I advised I would be on the road to a funeral and wanted it documented tonight I was transferred to Roadside Assistance where they made a note on the account. the girl kept reading from a script of things that didn’t even apply and when I pointed that out and asked that they intervene she advised they were just a third-party and there was nothing they could do on my behalf did offer to send a promotional code for a few dollars off my next rental, but that was it.

Edit 8/9/15:

What I thought had been rain on the windshield the night before turned out to be a hairline crack in the windshield above the rear view mirror. I tried calling the local office, but when I selected customer service, it just looped back to the original greeting.  We ended up going back to Avis and swapped out the car and the counter person said that was fine since I had the insurance and I had to sign a damage report even though the car was damaged when I had gotten it (I did note that on the form).   Fortunately, it only took a few minutes to swap out, but I wonder if it would have been if I had purchased the coverage through  The counter person advised there would be no additional charge but after checking out when turning the car in I noticed it was higher.  The counter person did note it was an error and took off a $10 charge, but in checking when I got home against the original paperwork, it is was still more than $4 higher.   Worse yet, we were late for the visitation and barely got there in time for the services.

It has been a lesson learned the hard way, but going forward I don’t think I will be using the name your own price on cars and I will thoroughly inspect the car before I leave the lot and inspect the car completely before taking it off the lot and swap it out immediately if there are defects.

crack in windshield



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