Jimmy’s Funeral and UFOs

By: kmom14

Aug 06 2015

Category: Family

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Marv’s cousin Jimmy passed away the day after he went down to see him on Sunday and the funeral was today and we attended.  I had never met Jimmy, but went to support Marv.

I had never attended a Lutheran ceremony so didn’t know there was to be an audience participation part where the minister says something and then the congregation says part of the prayer so that part was a bit awkward for me, but overall it was a nice ceremony.   There was a large turn out and nearly all the pews were full.    One thing that made it special was when his neighbor, who was a preacher, talked about him and they type of guy that he was.  He told of a story when he had left a rake in the yard and stepped on it and it came up and thumped him in the face and head hard and he was seeing stars like the cartoons.  Jimmy was next door and dropped everything he was doing to come over to see if he was ok and took him to the hospital, as that was just the kind of person he was.  The minister said Jimmy also had his spot out in the lobby where he liked to sit and talk to people after service and you could see people in the pews nodding their heads.   

It was not until the military procession and “Taps” being played that everyone started tearing up.

Afterwards we stayed for the lunch that the women at the church had prepared, which was all home made and delicious and served on real plates with real silverware.  We sat at the table with his wife’s cousins, his oldest daughter and his housekeeper.   From the stories they told he was an easy going, jovial guy that would help anyone, who cooked, did laundry and liked to fish and visit with people.   I wish I had known him.

Somehow the subject of UFOs came up and his housekeeper said she was in Phoenix in 1997 and saw the lights in the sky and described them, as did pretty much anyone who lived there at the time and encouraged us to Google it when we got home; sure enough, there are many videos on Youtube (one is linked at the very bottom of this post).    His daughter advised her boyfriend had also seen a UFO where they live and called him over.   He said it was one of those things if he had not seen it himself, and had not another person seen it as well, he wouldn’t have believe it either.   It started out with five glowing circles in they sky and went down to one and then took off in a flash.   He said he sat in disbelief and rolled down his window to ask his neighbor walking his dog if he had just seen what he had in they sky and the guy confirmed it.

jimmy's pictures


One comment on “Jimmy’s Funeral and UFOs”

  1. Now he is with Jesus, whom he loved.

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