Atz Ice Cream – South Location – Now Closed

This is a picture of the former Atz restaurant South location on Tillman Road and when we lived down south I took Kyle there once for a special treat. I recall it was a bit pricey, probably very high in calories and wonderfully delicious.  It was also very nice inside and a little more upscale than I wanted to take my young son and a friend or two of his.

The Atz family started an ice cream business in 1922 and had a production facility in Kendallville, which closed in 2011 after problems with the refrigeration system and after that time sold Prarie Farms ice cream until the shops closed late last Fall. Although I didn’t find a reason specified, I would guess it would be due to there being a lot more competition with other restaurants in general and the health conscious food trends.   Also, not far away was a Dairy Queen, which was less expensive, fewer choices and a quicker in and out, which is desirable if you toting a kids and a friend or two of his.

Marv had been a manager at the North location for awhile after he got out of business college and that location was closed as well after being in business for more than 50 years.

There will be an auction August 12th at 6pm and it could be a good opportunity for the right person or company.

Location: 211 E Tillman Rd., Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805


One comment on “Atz Ice Cream – South Location – Now Closed”

  1. an extensive menu— perhaps too extensive.

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