My Grandparent’s former home

By: kmom14

Aug 09 2015

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When coming back from Jimmy’s funeral we drove through my former home town above is my former Grandparent’s home where they lived from the 1930’s until my Grandmother passed away and it was sold at auction (and included a trailer my Grandmother would rent out on the left) for around $17,000.   Sadly, we arrived late and most things had been sold for ten cents on the dollar or less.

 They raised their 6 children there and originally built before there was indoor plumbing; there was (and maybe still is) and outhouse that was in back  across a creek and up a hill…my Mom said it was a long, cold walk on a dark winter night.  My Mom talked of them gathering around the radio to listen to programs, which were popular as this was in the days before television, and news casts about World War II.   Mom said the radio shows were actually better than television you used your imagination to interpret, so it was a more personal experience.

 My Grandparents would host 4th of July (the park and fireworks display was nearby), Thanksgiving and Christmas until about the 1980’s when said it was just too much for her to do after Grandpa passed away,.

Some things are the same, some things are different.  There used to be cement steps in front and it used to be painted all white.    Through the row of windows on the right was sort of long parlor/sun room with an electronic organ that we used to try to play.  On the side in the second picture is the big picture window in the living room.   I remember looking down out the window as a kid and it seemed scary far down to the ground (until I was an adult and worked 24 floors up).

In the back is the two car garage, which I don’t recall an actual car being in there unless my Grandpa was working on it.   I always thought more of being my Grandpa’s as he did most of his projects.

To the back of the window picture window is the kitchen window and steps up to the back door, which we usually entered through.   Grandma’s kitchen was large (the length of the front side of the house from the front door to the right side of the house) and every time we would visit it seemed like she was always cooking or had just cooked something and always offered some sort of food or baked good along with a glass of Nestea iced tea she had always kept in the fridge.  When visiting rarely did people gather in any room other than the kitchen.

One memory that will always stick out is when Marv and I went to visit her before we were married and he loaded up his plate  of beef and noodles with Cool Whip, that was intended for a pie, as a joke to freak her out and said he loved Cool Whip on everything.   She looked a bit horrified, but uncharacteristically, didn’t say a word and he ate it that way.  After that, every time we would visit her she would get out the Cool Whip and could always see a  fleeting glimpse of disgust in her face as she did so to try to make him feel at home and a part of the family.  Not sure who the joke was on because he used to spoon out at least a little on whatever was served after that and as was so gracious, we never told her it had been a joke.




2 comments on “My Grandparent’s former home”

  1. I was a friend of her grand-daughter’s husband before I met Kathy. (it was her cousin that introduced us). When her grand=daughter’s husband and I arrived on motorcycles we did a job for her. When I started dating her other grand-daughter she called me “a washed out little bit of nothing”. I guess I didn’t make a good first impression.

    • From the stories I have since heard about your misspent youth and your shenanigans with Terry, I think you earned that bad first impression.

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