Ellison Bakery

By: kmom14

Aug 19 2015

Category: Fort Wayne, Historic Fort Wayne

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

The building is across the street from the airport in Fort Wayne.   From what I have read it opened in 1945 by Don Ellis in his garage.  When I worked at the bank in the early 1990’s, I did get to meet him as and he was as nice as he was passionate about his business.  They had the best cookies.

After college in ’85 and in even into the late 80’s, back when they baked “Archway” cookies, I temped their occasionally through “Labor Works” , usually a week or two before a Holiday,  and packaged cookies off the line by hand or put together boxes to package the cookies at minimum wage to try to make ends meet.   One times when I was there was a controversy as one of the main bakers, Glen, an all around nice guy that had a lot of patience with temps but had a high standard,  let a man of ethnicity go and was accused of being racist.   However, the guy that was let go was lazy, goofed off and was immature and pulled pranks and he was let go justifiably let go as he needed to grow up.

Don’t know if they still have it or not, but they used to have a little-known outlet store where they would sell broken/rejected cookies, which still tasted amazing a they had very high standards,  for around .75 cents a bag.

In looking online, they still have an industrial bakery that is family owned by the Ellis family, but know it is no longer “Archway” cookies.


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