Captain Morgan Statue Outside of Pierre’s Nightclub

By: kmom14

Sep 02 2015

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Focal Length:10mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

Looks like someone pirated his hook hand.

This statue is outside of Pierre’s nightclub on the side that used to “The Cyber Club” but from the sign looks like it is now The Phoenix”.   We noticed the roof was in a terrible state on that side as well.

I haven’t been inside in over a decade, but Pierre’s usually houses 5 different venues under one roof that is sectioned off into different themes that change from time to time except the main stage area where there is a stage and a dance floor.   The upside is if you are into music, they do bring in national acts to their main stage and the tickets are usually less expensive than many concert venues and it is chance to see the artist a little more up close and personal.

The downside is if you go, get there early and get a table, otherwise you will be standing the entire time.   If it is popular act and it is packed, it gets very hot and people push and shove to try to get to the front of the stage; you are better off watching from a distance and dress for Summer underneath and peel off clothing if it gets too hot.

Another drawback is they may not allow you to take pictures – be sure to ask before purchasing tickets.  The last time I went to a concert security rudely grabbed by camera out of my hand and said it wasn’t allowed, although I had done so at prior concerts and there was no notice anywhere.

Thirdly, there have been violent occurrences in recent years in the newspaper with fights, kidnap/rape of some young women upon going to their cars a few years back, along with a stabbings and shootings, even shooting an ambulance who was transporting a stabbing victim.

Unless you are going for a concert, it is a meat market for singles aged twenty to thirty something.

Pierre’s altercation reported by 21 Alive News


One comment on “Captain Morgan Statue Outside of Pierre’s Nightclub”

  1. so there is no reduced price for senior citizens????. are the refills free??

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