Bad Hair Day

By: kmom14

Sep 10 2015

Category: Kathy

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Ugh, not only bad hair, looks to be a no makeup day too.

The only reason I am posting this horrid pic is I now see why my son got the bright idea to goofy in any photos I try to take of him.  Looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket, especially with the hair jutting out on both sides.

It was taken at my Mom’s so it is back and probably by my Mom or Kyle, as I usually am the person taking the pic; not he subject of one.

I recall the bear had been a decoration my Mom’s room , but before she passed away from cancer, she gave it to Kyle as he like it played with it when he visited.  It was something to remember her by and is still in his room (somewhere) today.

Also haven’t been a blonde in years and dyeing my hair dark brown to black, although the upkeep on the roots is getting old.


One comment on “Bad Hair Day”

  1. I see you were alooker then too!

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