Gas Leak in the Park

Our city has had every year on one Sunday in September for the past ten years or there is a “free admission” day “Be A Tourist in Your Hometown” and several local attractions with a “Passport” available at local Kroger affiliates or where you can download Visit Fort   We were going to go to Science Central but the parking lot was full, we drove through Lawton Park up the road and it was packed as well.   We spotted the metal bridge to the left of the playground and thought we might be able to take it to go to the Fort.

We got out and went across it and at the end I noticed a terrible smell, but when Marv got it he noticed it was a gas smell and that there was obviously a leak coming from the exposed hole in the ground to the right of the bridge at the end.  It looked like it had been marked with caution tape at one time but now broken and the caution sign is in the hole.

There is a bike path with a decline to the right  and I was almost hit standing there so guessing that is what happened to the tape and sign and it might have damaged the exposed pipe.   Also, with a pole sticking up we were concerned if someone crashed in their, the pole could impale someone.

Marv made a phone call and I figured they would send a NIPSCO tech but the fire truck was sent.  They were still there addressing issues when we went by later, so we were glad the call was made.


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