Old Fort – Fort Wayne

We checked out the Old Fort, which is where Fort Wayne obtained its name.

From Historic Fort Wayne’s Website:

“There were 3 American forts built in Fort Wayne.  The current fort is a replica of the one constructed by Major John Whistler and his men during 1815 — 1816 & was the last fort to stand at the junction of the St. Mary’s, St. Joseph, and Maumee Rivers.  It was designed purely for defense against Native Americans, and could be comfortably defended by a relatively small number of men.

It is non-profit and is 100% volunteer and only open for special events.

The large picture above is of the Enlisted quarters.

Top right is a picture inside of the Commander’s quarters of period bedding.

Below that is a blacksmith making nails by hand.

Next is a cannon.

Below that is a woman playing a historic harp sort of thing that had a piano like quality to the sound.

After that is a woman using a wooden toy to “dance” to the music.

Below that picture is an old time stove with biscuit baking on top.

Next is woman spinning fibers to make yarn, with the bottom pic below that of a woman canning fruits (there is a fire and a large pan behind her).

Below the big picture is a woman with a unique woodwind instrument…it had a very haunting Native American sound.   To the right is a fire pit that is boiling water.  To the right of that is a diorama of the original fort and the last of the fireplace in the enlisted quarters.


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