Pop Goes Punk – “Blank Space” – Taylor Swift cover by I Prevail

I don’t see my son very often, but this was a welcome share after watching a 5 minute Vine compilation of pranks that left me wanting to get back the last few minutes of my life back after.

It is a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” by the bank I Prevail and I find it much better than Swift’s original version. My son said it is a newer band is out of Michigan.  Their version brings an edge, depth and emotion that is missing from the original and gives the lyrics a new meaning.   It takes the song from little girl interpretation to adult angst and elevates it.

They sound similar to Linkin Park, a Grammy-winning  punk metal band and one of the top bands of the 2000’s, a with a front man a smooth voice with mellow one voice beginning the song then bringing in crashes of sounds and  “screamer” backup vocalist to punctuate the anguish under the mild veneer.    I don’t think I can listen to Swift’s version on the radio after hearing this version as it pales in comparison.

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