Olive Garden

By: kmom14

Oct 11 2015


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Olive Garden has an Americanized version of pasta dishes; good, but not as spicy as traditional Italian. Many dishes come with your choice of soup or salad and breadsticks. My favorite thing there is their salad with Ranch dressing and the fresh Parmesan grated on top of the salad right at your table.

Their service is above average; it seems they invest more time in training their staff so they are knowledgeable about all of the dishes and is one of the few restaurants that is adequately staffed even during busy times. It is also nicely decorated and has a bit of an upscale vibe without being over the top on costs. For example, they have a never-ending Pasta Bowl that starts at $9.99 and comes with the Soup or Salad and breadsticks. You can also sign up online and when you do they give you a coupon for a free appetizer and then you get notified of new promotions. For these reasons, it was one of the few places I recommended to my son when he first starting dating in high school to take a date he wants to impress.

The only negative is the waiting area only has a few chairs and when it is busy is it a chaotic and uncomfortable waiting for the buzzer goes off to let you know your table is ready. I felt very bad for a Mom trying to wrangle and awkward baby carrier for the 20 minute wait. Instead of the few chairs, I wish they would install long benches, maybe even two deep on each side to keep the area more organized.

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Location: 315 Coliseum Blvd, W, Fort Wayne, IN 46805


One comment on “Olive Garden”

  1. the reason why I do not want to go back is the restroom are up front by the cash registers And “the waiting area” by the front doors. It gets so crowded that it’s Standing room Only +++” and makes it very difficult to get to the rest rooms OR pay your bill

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