eSalon Haircolor Kit

esalon is hair color company where professional colorists create a personalized custom at-home hair color based on a series of questions that you answer.  It is an Allure Magazine 2014 & 2015 “Best of Beauty”.

I had completed the quiz months ago, but didn’t order at that time because it is a subscription service and although there is the option to cancel, I didn’t want to hassle with it.  Recently I received an email to try it with no commitment and try one time only for the discounted price of $10 (normally $19.95) + $4.95 shipping and handling.

I received the above kit and was surprised to see so many bottles.   You get a personalized instruction booklet with pictures which make it easy to understand.  One set of smaller bottle and developer are for the roots, which you section off your hair apply for 15 minutes, then mix the remaining bottles for the ends and leave on for 10 minutes.

While it is a little more work, it makes more sense, especially if you have lighter roots than the rest of your hair to have a different formula to get a professional result a home.

The box in the center has gloves, something you can put on you skin around you hairline to prevent staining and another item to remove stains, and two conditioner packets.  Also in the kit is a brush.  The only thing that is not the kit is the plastic clips that are recommended for sectioning off hair tint the roots.

I did a strand test for both the roots and the end and it doesn’t smell bad like some hair colors that I have tried.  I had selected “Intense Pearl” which was a dark brown with a violet undertone and I was concerned it might be too intense, but I was happy with the strand that I tested so far, but the true test will be once I complete the process.


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