Hall’s Hollywood Drive-In Restaurant

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This location of Hall’s, a locally owned chain, has been around as long as I can remember on the Northeast corner of the busy intersection of Lima and Coliseum Blvd.  They used to be a place to go on a Friday or Saturday night if you wanted to see cool cars and my son used to take his Edsel there all the time, but a few years ago the manager made the decision to do away with that as it was taking up too much of the parking lot and our family rarely had gone there since (the car people moved down the road to Liberty Diner who welcomed the business, so if you are looking to see cars, that is now the place to go now).

The unique thing they offer  is they are one of the few places in town that have an old style drive-in certain hours in the Summer months for a 50’s nostalgia experience.   They also a U-Shaped counter when you come in the door, although someone was wrapping silverware on it when we were there this last time, which is not something most places would waste valuable dining space or do in front of customers.  They also offer breakfast all day.

Portions are generous, service is usually good, prices are average as is the food.   In fairness, we did go in the evening, but the biscuits and gravy were obviously from a mix and kept on a steam table; used to work in a place similar in the past and that is what it had used and it had the same flavor.   Their home fries are very good and did taste fresh and crispy.

My guest had ordered the burger and was very specific about his pickle phobia and warned them the usually end up as wall walkers if they end up on a sandwich and he was horrified when his plate arrived with large pickle arrived on the side near the burger.  He was freaking out a little; the waitress apologized profusely and offered to get a fresh bottom for the bun, which was smart thinking on her part and an excellent solution to the problem.

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  1. A phobia is an unwarranted fear. Dear Kathy, have you ever smelled a pickle?? THEY STINK! and their juice seeps into the surrounding area and foods and bun and fries/taters. And that is how “pickle races” came into being. For if you ask for no pickles and onions and they give you pickles and onions then you have what it takes for pickle races and onion toss. Flick 2 or 3 pickles onto the nearest window or glass area and see which pickle slides the fastest. As for Onion Toss you pick out anything, including pop dispensers, and try to toss your onion rings around any protruding objects ( including other customers water/coke glasses). Onion Toss is best played while inebriated. it’s “more funny” then.

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