Panda Express is a chain restaurant that serves Chinese food more tuned to an American palate.   The food is good and probably the best deal just getting rice or noodles as the portions are generous.  Their ingredients are fresh and dishes consistent, but they are slightly higher in price than many locally owned Chinese places.

We bought on this visit a combo where you pick out a rice or noodle and choice of entrees, which Angus Steak is an additional $1.25 per selection.   When I asked how someone is to know which entrees cost additional in going through the drive-thru and I have never gotten a satisfactory answer.   The food is good and you get a generous portion of rice or chow mein noodles, but the entree sides are skimpy, especially the Broccoli Beef where you get a few large pieces of broccoli and even fewer pieces of beef.   Of all of the entrees we have tried so far, our favorite has been the Shanghai Angus Steak, which comes in a small container.

Panda Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. at IHOP you get pancakes; at Burger King you get burgers but at Panda Xpress there is no Panda ! I ordered Panda and they gave me a crazy answer! they said “we have no Panda , it’s just for the employees”.

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