Sunshine dryclean

I went to drop off my winter coat to get it dry cleaned as it is getting winter coat weather and found my go-to Quality Cleaners is no longer in business.  I recalled going to Sunshine Dry Cleaners and Laundry, a place we used to do laundry at when we were apartment dwellers downtown and I had been happy with their facility and dry cleaning service, so I called to see if they still did dry cleaning.

I called and they still do dry cleaning and advised that Thursday at 9pm is the cut-off for the week and if in by then, can pick up Friday after 6pm and the cost for a coat would be $10.68. I was happy to see they still have the drive-up window for drop off and their hours are better than most other dry cleaners:  7am to 9:30PM.   They accept Mastercard and Visa.

I dropped my coat off and will pick it up tomorrow after work.

Location:  3807 Lima Rd Fort Wayne IN 46805, (260) 482-8329

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