Before Company Christmas Party – 1994

This is a pic of me and Kyle before I went to a company Christmas party at the Coliseum.  While it started as a good evening, it didn’t end that way.

While I was at the party, my purse was stolen from my van and they had also tried to take Kyle’s safety seat.   When I got home I called and canceled all of my credit cards.  I called the police, but was told I needed to call back between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday to file a report and would be given a control number for filing with my insurance.  

My then boss’s vehicle was also broken into and the backseat pried back to get to his wife’s purse in the trunk.   The Coliseum did not have cameras where we had parked and disavowed any liability despite charging to park in their lot.  

While I didn’t have much cash, but cancelling and replacing the cards and the hassle of getting  new driver’s licence was a pain.  I also had a $50 gift certificate to and the worst loss were a few rolls of film from Thanksgiving that I had been carrying to drop off for development at Meijers.

As there was a spare key for the apartment in my purse, I shoved the dining table against the door as the soonest maintenance could re-core the lock was the next day. Later when Kyle’s birth certificate was found near the river behind the Coliseum and I picked it up at the police station, I as advised that there had been issues with people watching people stash valuables when going in and then later break in to steal them.   It was an eye-opening experience and not one I ever want to repeat.


One comment on “Before Company Christmas Party – 1994”

  1. great image and I remember that dress

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