Christmas Picture at PetSmart – 2000

By: kmom14

Dec 11 2015

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

In going through paperwork last night in looking for the title to the Kia that needs to be junked, I found a printout from an email I sent to Kyle’s dad around Christmas 2002 with Maxx (the dog) and (Tigger) the cat.

At the time, Pet Smart had a promotion for pics of you, your pet and Santa for around $8 and get a picture ornament, which I thought was a bargain until have to corral kid, dog and cat into the car and then into the pet store to bring leashes and pet carriers, all which seemed to want to make a run for the border as soon as leaving the car to go in the store and I blogged a bit about this with a pic of the ornament here.

One thing I didn’t mention previously as there had been some animal in that store that set off an allergy attack and one of my eyes started swelling shut so in addition to the kid/animals, it was a challenge driving back across to the South side of town where we were living at the time.

At the time thought “never again” and never did the animal pic with Santa again, but glad that I did as it turned into a priceless Christmas memory.




2 comments on “Christmas Picture at PetSmart – 2000”

  1. I really Like this thing here. I increased my screen size so I could view it butter (butt e r ).

  2. Love that tie he has on!

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