2002 AOL 8.0 Sign Up CD-ROM

Back in the olden days of dial-up modems, AOL was “the” internet company and used to send out discs (although initially, some were on 3 1/2″ floppy discs) like the above and entice you with a “free” period, although by 2002 many people had already switched over to cable as access as it was much faster than dial-up.   Even thought they were the biggest at the time, there were issues with system crashes or not being able to get online at all during peak times as the access routers were full.

With dial-up if you were on the computer, your phone line was tied up so no one could call you if you were on your computer, but this updated version was to alert you when a call was calling and accept the call without having to log off, but I didn’t have any luck getting that feature to work.

In the beginning, if you called trying to cancel your subscription and change carriers the customer service reps tried to push you into staying and tried to entice you with a free month.    

A decade or so later, they stopped offering support for dial-up and almost encouraged you to cancel but assured you that you could keep your email address for free and access to their other apps.




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