Pillsbury Ready To Bake Christmas Tree Cookies

Every year I like to get a least one Holiday themed ready to bake cookie and I picked these up for sale 2 for $3 (normally 2 for $5).

You get a tray of 24 pre-shaped cookies in a tray, you preheat an oven to 350 degrees and bake for 8-10 minutes then take out cool for a few minutes and you have cookies.  We usually cook fo 8 minutes for a softer cookie.   It has a sugar cookie flavor but not too sweet and the melt in your mouth

While the pre-made ones in a tray make it quick and easy and give more professional results, they are not quite as fun as they used to be when they came in a tube and you sliced your own cookies and half the challenge/fun was to try to make them retain their look or smash them up to see what it looked like.


One comment on “Pillsbury Ready To Bake Christmas Tree Cookies”

  1. I ate them all up, just like the wolf who ate the gingerbread man

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