Christmas Day Movie at Carmike Cinemas

By: kmom14

Dec 26 2015

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

On Christmas Day, one of our traditions is to take in a movie at the theater and usually it is not very crowded, but the parking lot and theater were packed.

We went to Carmike 20 cinema on Dupont Road in Fort Wayne to see the new Star Wars movie “Star Wars  The Force Awakens” in 3D (the 3D cost and additional $3).  I have to say I did not care for the last few “Star Wars” movies as they were prequels, but this one was better than I expected as it was not a prequel, but a continuation of the original story.

The movie had a mix of new characters combined with the original characters and moments of humor like the original movie, that had been desperately lacking in the dark prequels, although to be is seem disjointed in some areas and I yearned for more screen time with the original characters as the new cast lacks that charisma of the original and not sure it will be enough to launch a new legacy.

Still, it is something Grandparents that saw the original movie when it came out, can enjoy with their grandchildren and relive their youth a little.



One comment on “Christmas Day Movie at Carmike Cinemas”

  1. i had 60 bucks when i went in and15 when i left but we all had a good time. a bargain for the buck

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