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Dec 29 2015

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Writing this way after the date as I was home with the flu today and had “NCIS on Netflix and although it was on all day, cannot say that I binge watched it as downed Advil and orange juice I slept most of the day.

I have a sort of like/dislike of the show as some of the characters I really like and others I really don’t.

The star of the show is Mark Harmon as former Marine “Leroy Jethro Gibbs” who is over a division of Navy crime scene investigators  in Washington, DC.  He a no-nonsense sort of guy, which is what you would expect for that position, but, unfortunately, he  finds it acceptable to smack underlings in the back of the head, which I find offensive and would hope, unrealistic that anyone would have to tolerate that in today’s day and age.

The character that I really cannot stand is “Tony DiNozzo, portrayed by Michael Weatherly, who is to be a former cop the eye candy love interest of females on the show to provide sexual tension, but for me, it is just annoying as it his character with his immature perpetual frat boy antics.   I was happy to hear that the actor leaving the show at the end of this season and hoping they will come up with a better character to replace him.

Other anchors, which I like, are Paulie Perette’s “Abby”, the quirky genius, nerdy, goth Forensics Investigator with a heart of gold that exists on the supersize “CafPow” soft drinks Gibbs brings her, along with MIT grad and another nerd “Timothy McGee” by Sean Murray who is perpetually picked on my DiNozzo’s character which seems to hold him back from his potential, which is sad because obviously, this character is much more intelligent than DiNozzo.   The other is  Dr. Mallard a/k/a “Ducky” who is the Forensic Pathologist who always has a long winded story to tell no matter the subject and willing to share, including the subjects of his work.

Overall, it is an ok show that doesn’t seem all that realistic but despite this has some interesting characters that draw you in and keep you watching.


2 comments on “NCIS”

  1. I am glad you –somewhat– enjoy the show but murder shows are not fer me

    • I wouldn’t say it is a “murder” show…”Crime Drama”, although Wikipedia describes it as ” American police procedural drama television series”

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