By: kmom14

Jan 05 2016

Category: Creations, Kathy, Kyle

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

This is a Mother’s Day card my son made for me when he was in Grade school that I found when going through old papers.  Guess I should qualify that when he had the reaction to the miniature pony, fortunately, I had not taken lunch yet so I picked him up, stopped at Walgreens and bought some allergy medicine, discreetly went back into work as I had to get loan packets out by 4 pm.  As my boss was out that day, stashed him under bosses’ desk, called daycare not to pick him up keep checking on him.  I kept checking on him to be sure he was ok; he slept the whole time and I woke him up and took him home after everyone left.

Eating all of the frosting off of the cake happened when he was about 3 and we were taking a cake to his Grandma who lived about an hour away.  Never leave a cake near a toddler in the back seat is all I can say.   Grandma thought it was cute, little Kyle all covered with frosting but none on the cake and ate a piece anyway.

The spontaneous purchase of the Playstation 2 was a credit card purchase that I really couldn’t afford, but the boys were trying so hard to entertain themselves and be quiet as I needed to sleep before working a 12-hour shift again that night and decided to buy that and a game so I could get rest not worried about them getting bored and going outside or complaining about being bored.


One comment on “MOTHERS DAY CARD”

  1. yea– you’re a mom!

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