Crain Burnett Car Lot in Warren

By: kmom14

Jan 06 2016

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No pics were taken today so picking one from earlier in the year when we stopped in Warren, IN.

The view is from CountryMark gas station, which used to be a small, locally owned gas station called Heyde’s Gas Station just before the railroad tracks when you enter the town.

Just ahead is Crain-Burnett Ford  which still appears to be the only car lot in town.  In the front lot has always been their newer vehicles and to the right just across the tracks is the used car lot where I did my shopping when I lived there.

I purchased two cars off that lot; the first was a 1976 Ford Maverick for $300 and to date, is still my favorite car, even though he was green, which is not my favorite color.  He was nicknamed “Waldo” and was very reliable and low-maintenance.   I was in fender bender my Junior year and my Uncle Deanie fixed it.  I went to college with him and he only stranded me once and it turned out that the spark plugs needed to be replaced.  I and even drove it back and forth from Indy to Muncie my senior year while doing an internship in Indy until he was hit when a woman ran the light near the cloverleaf at I-465 and 86th Street.   The tow bill and storage were more than what the car was worth and I ended up signing the title over to the scrap yard and in exchange they were nice enough to let me get my belongings out of it.  My Uncle Deanie picked me up in his big rig and I was shocked at what a bumpy, uncomfortable ride and how you have to be aware of everything all the time and anticipate everything.  It was and it gave me a newfound respect for truck drivers.

I was banged up pretty bad, but I had to scurry to get something to drive back and forth to be able to finish college and my internship and went back to the lot as that was the only one I had a way to get to and explained my situation and the salesman steered me to a late 70’s Dodge Dart.  She was $1500 and was burgundy with a white top.  I barely qualified for a loan, and probably wouldn’t have in today’s banking environment.   The $45 a month was a major expense as that time.  For some people then, that was dinner and/or a movie out.  I named her “Tiffany” as she was very temperamental and bled oil at least once a month, but overall, still a decent car.   She left me stranded a few times, and ate alternators and tires, but  I drove a few more years before wrecking her by hitting a tree at the bottom of a steep hill in the dead of Winter on the way home.

As that was a long time ago, cannot attest to the current situation, but from prior experience would have to rate my used car buying as above average.




One comment on “Crain Burnett Car Lot in Warren”

  1. my dad called it The Warren ( or Ford) Garage. We were in Huntington, about 15 miles north of Warren but still in the same county My great grand parents are buried in Warren. An auto mechanic named Herschel Vaught. He was a good friend of my dads and he bought alot of cars from him or The Ford Garage. ie… a ’65 Lincoln Continental., 68′ Mercury Monterrey;’68 Ford Country Squire (red interior, 2 way tail gate opening, exterior wood siding, 9 passenger) The Lincoln I drove in high school until I jumped the Salamonie Ave Extended bridge and tore out the oil pan and transmission.. the car had a 460cid 4 bbl engine). The mercury I drove to business college in fort wayne untill I got a job/place to live at a funeral home and then i walked to school.

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