Ciao! 30″ Wheeled Duffel Bag with Front Bungee Cord

By: kmom14

Jan 08 2016

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Because the last time I went on a trip I ended up using my son’s skater-themed book bag and a large shopping bag and wanted to have something that was more apropos for a woman my age as I hope to travel at least a little bit this year.

I bought the above Bonton during a promotion before Christmas on sale for $20 (currently listed at $49.99, which is half of the normal price of $100).   It may be available elsewhere at a more competitive price or different colors and recommend Googling to check (that pretty much applies to anything you buy online).


  • It has two wheels on the back bottom if using upright.
  • It has a fold down piece in the front with two plastic feet on a strip that is about two inches tall so you can set it down without that bag itself touching the ground.
  • It has  collapsible handle making it easier to transport and it slips inside a pouch that you can zip when not in use.
  • There is also a strap handle near the collapsible one if you needed to grab and go in a hurry.
  • There are several expandable pockets to separate/store items.  Each side had a pocket, one under the bungee cord that has a double zipper (can zip up from either side).
  • The large internal area has a double zipper as well.
  • It looks like the center area will hold a lot.
  • It appears to be sturdier than I expected – has what feels like is a treated broadcloth over a vinyl instead of just vinyl.  I don’t know
  • Can double as a duffle bag as it has two handles on the top and on the bottom it has two plastic strips that are about an inch thick so even if you set it down, the entire bottom is not directly touching the ground.
  • Sleek, sporty design with vibrant purple color with gray and black accent colors.
  • When empty folds up fairly flat and can easily fit underneath a bed.
  • It has a 2-year limited Warranty.



  • Is too large to be used a carry-on if flying – the maximum height for most airlines is either 22 inches and no more than 45 inches overall, per an article by USA Today.
  • It looks to big to use as a gym bag and I don’t think it will fit in the locker
  • When empty, the feet on the front don’t stay folded down and it falls over.
  • I am not sure what the purpose of the bungee cords on the front/top is for.
  • The print  on the 2 year Limited Warranty card is too tiny for me to read – it is about the same size at the bar code.

It has more pros than cons and overall was a great deal, but not sure how often I am going to use it.


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