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Jan 09 2016


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Grammarly is a program you can download to checks your writing for grammar and punctuation and even assesses your writing  style.  They have both a free and premium offering.

I have downloaded a free version and it is sort of like have an English teacher standing over you correcting your work on the computer and it sends you weekly reports on your progress assessing and advising:

  • Activity:  Words checked and how active you are compared to other Grammarly users and if writing increased or decreased.
  • Mastery:  How accurate you were including number of mistakes and percentage in comparison to other Grammarly users and if percentage improved or not improved
  • Vocabulary:   Percentage of unique/total words to compare to other Grammarly users and percentage increase/decrease over the prior week.
  • Tells you how many other critical errors you have made if subscribe to their premium program for a fee.

I found that I usually score over 95% on Activity and Vocabulary, but my Mastery leaves much to be desired, although I am improving.

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this program.


Upside in addition to the above:

  • It shows you mistakes you have made prior to posting/sending and gives you the opportunity to review and auto-correct.  In WordPress, it is showing the number of mistakes in the lower right and hand corner (and sometimes immediately)and if I click on it, it will take me to another screen to review errors.
  • Can help me improve my writing by showing errors and learn from them.
  • Can keep from looking like an idiot in my posting by avoiding duplicate words, incorrect spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Maybe it makes my postings appears that I am smarter at English than I really am?
  • Top 10 Reviews gives it a 9.35 out of 10 and the “Worlds Best Grammar Checker” (at least currently).
  • Have seen online that it also check for plagiarism (although I have never had any flag for that, so not sure how that works).



  • Sometimes the words it advises are misspelled are not – in those cases usually a website name/link and I have to leave it as an “error” when posting.
  • Anything the program thinks it is an error in WordPress, it highlights even after reviewing making the post look choppy.
  • It is like an English Teacher standing over you telling you everything you are doing wrong- maybe to illustrate a point, maybe I don’t want a comma or semi-colon there for whatever reason. Or perhaps I don’t want to be grammatically correct all the time and have the freedom for self-expression with it blatantly pointed out for the world to see.


Overall, would recommend to anyone giving the free version a try.   Currently, they are offering one week Premium Grammarly for Free, which is subject to change.


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  1. I’ll talk to you about this later

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