Rack and Helen’s

By: kmom14

Jan 21 2016


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Rack and Helen’s is a family owned bar/restaurant in New Haven with upscale bar food and one of the nicer dining establishments in the town, which is probably why it is a good idea to get reservations if you plan on going as it can fill up and have long wait times.  If you prefer more of a dining experience than a bar one, best to go before 8pm as the lights get dimmer and they start to set up for any promotional events, like karoke on Thursdays after 9pm and sometimes bands on the weekends.

They also catered food and it was a huge hit at the event I attended with the star being the pulled pork sandwiches.   They have banquet room upstairs that can be rented.

The menu and look is a little like an Applebee’s, but on steriods when it comes to televisions as there were over a dozen.  It has hardwoord and sort of an L shaped layout with the bar and kitchen on the out edge of the L shape.  They have a full service bar and serve appetizers, burgers, grinders, pizza, sandwiches, sausage rolls, some dinner offerings, and a few salad and soup offerings.  One thing not on the menu though is dessert.

Their appetizers are a bit pricey, sometime more than their sandwiches; on this visit we bought Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms and received 7 for $8.99.  My guest loved them, I thought they were ok, but both of us agreed they are overpriced.

On this visit, I had a Spicy Pork and Pickle, which is a grilled tenderloin, ham, one long breaded fried pickle, Pepperjack Cheese and Dijon Horseradish sauce.  The grilled tenderloin seemed a little dry and the sandwich overall lacked a textural component, but the combination of ingredients had an interesting meld of flavors.

My guest had the Bacon and Bleu Burger, which is a burger served with their house-made bleu cheese sauce and topped with thick bacon slices and bleu cheese crumbles, lettuce and tomato (typically with pickle and onion also, but my guest has an aversion to them and opted out and they got the order correct, which many places don’t).   It was a good sized portion and he enjoyed it.

We prefer our fries crispy and they were a little underdone for out taste, so may want to state that when ordering if you prefer a crispy fry.

Also placed a to-go order to 1/2 of a Chicken Club for my son, which came with fries and the 1/2 portion was plenty for an adult and glad opted not to get the full sandwich.

Service was good and drinks refilled promptly.

Overall, is a place worth checking out if you have never been there.

Location: 525 Broadway St, New Haven, IN 46774


One comment on “Rack and Helen’s”

  1. The food was good and the server was excellent

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