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By: kmom14

Jan 28 2016

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I decide to give Try The World, a box subscription service that curates food from around the world and they mail you several items every two months to try based on a theme or country  for $39.00 including shipping.

It was sent in a plain brown box but in opening up there was a lovely mint colored box that contained the above for the “Holiday” themed box with eight items.

Inside the lid is high-quality card stock fold-out brochure that gives more details of what is in the box.   The first shows what area of the world items came from and the theme.

This box has:

  • Global Desserts – Chocolate Truffles (Canada), Pistachio Cream (Italy) and Acai Dessert Sauce (Brazil)
  • Holiday Tea Time – Yerba Mate Tea (UK), Gingersnaps (Sweden),  Cookies (Morroco)
  • Peace on Earth – Panetteone (Italy), Extra Virgin Olive (Israel)


It further on in the brochure to give a little about the background of the item on the front side.

On the back of the brochure, it gives you tips on how to use the box, including recipes for a few of the items, a playlist of songs to access on their website to listen to.

So far have only tried two of the items:

  • Chocolate Truffles:

About the same shape as “Dots” candies and a mild chocolate that was not sweet, but not bitter either and a lighter flavor than I expected.  I didn’t try these with tea, but these seemed like they would be a good accompaniment to tea.

  • Palmiers Orientines cookies.   They are sort of a bow shaped shortbread cookie with a brush of almond/honey flavor over the top which flavors them and also makes them shinier on the top.  These remind me of cookies that we would have with tea when I went to Germany.

Praises would be:

  • High quality.   From what I have seen so far, everything seems high quality and professional.
  • Great teaching tool  for children to introduce them to another culture through food and spur further interest.
  • Good for to anyone who wants to expand their culinary horizons by tasting something from another part of the world.
  • Love that they also offer songs on their website to listen to as well from the different countries – the songs/performers that I was aware before the box was the Italian ones
  • Could be a good excuse for a small group of friends to get together to have and “unboxing” party every other month.
  • Overall cost to item – for the cost of under $5 an item it is an ok bargain, but when you factor in the cost of the shipping, the box itself, the brochure, and labor to curate, put together the box and process orders, it is a steal because if you had to source each item individually, it would probably cost a lot more.

Criticism would be it:

  • Would like to see recipes or comments on how less common items are used, such as the Pistachio Cream.  The box has a recipe for the olive oil, which I already have tons of uses for, but  I am really not sure what do with it…maybe a topping on a cookie or ice cream?    Items that you don’t know what to do with might end up in the crisper (a/k/a as the rotter) drawer of foods that you don’t think you will eat right away and forget they are there and end up purging them after or a year or so (like the pistachio cream probably will for me).


People that this might product might not be good for are:

  • Picky eaters.   Although you might really have the desire to learn about other cultures food, if you really have a hard time pushing outside your comfort zone of foods you have come to know and love, this probably isn’t for you.
  • On a limited budget; $39 is no small chunk of change if you don’t make very much money
  • On a restricted diet



One comment on “Try the World – Holiday Box”

  1. sounds great but left out fries from France

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