Southtown Mall – Early 1990’s


Southtown Mall used to be bustling with activity on the weekends, but not a crowded as Glenbrook Mall so used to enjoy shopping there.  

After the department stores started pulling out in the mid-90’s other businesses did too and may the mid-late 90’s the stores that were there were local owner/operators.  The mall eventually closed in 2003 and was demolished in 2004.

As there were several “firsts” for me at Southtown Mall, will list them below.

  • First and only time I skipped school was to go to a mall.  Was memorable, but not as fun as I thought it would be.


  • Had my first ever “salon” haircut there.   At the time, it cost a day’s worth of pay.  Before that the only option of two small town beauty shops:  one always cut hair uneven on the side and the other one styled your hair into “old lady perms”; I will have to post the pic I found from my grade school where I look more like I am 40 instead of in the 4th grade.


  • First time purchasing glasses for myself – greatly overpaid for 2 pairs of glasses.   Was back in the day before the internet and you could order a style online and search for best price, you just went with the selection of wherever your optometrist was and usually the cheap frames with really ugly.


  • First, last and only overpriced contact lenses  – I absolutely hated trying to get them in stopped after one got stuck in my upper eyelid and thought I would have to go the ER.


  • First time ever called Ma’am, but in talking to the young man behind the counter realized I was only a few years younger than his Mom.


  • The first time I ever felt old after the above Ma’am incident.


  • First, last, and only time I had my hair professionally bleached.   Was a Regis Salon and was a disaster; my hair ended up a patchy orange and they tried to tell me it was due to not having a water softener, but they did call a color specialist to get recommendations to try to fix it and did so at no additional charge.   It turned out more of a dark ash blonde, which was not what I wanted, but still better than going into work with orange patchy hair would have been on Monday.   Ended up using an over the counter product to get the shade I wanted a few weeks later.


  • Although not purchased at the mall, because of the above hair bleach incident, did purchase a water softener to try to avoid the potential calico cat looking dye job.


  • First time Trick or Treating at a mall when taking my son.  He loved getting little pieces of candy in his pumpkin.

There is also a Facebook post by “Great Memories of Fort Wayne” that has more of the background


One comment on “Southtown Mall – Early 1990’s”

  1. I remember the contact lenses and the water softener.

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