Idea’s for Marv’s Blog

By: kmom14

Feb 25 2016

Category: Marv

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As Marv doesn’t want the chapter closed, recommending he start his own blog and it can include such topics as:

  • What inanimate object the big dog ate today.
  • Action that the little dog did today that makes me certain he is smart, but evil
  • My favorite plumbing stories (be sure to include the one about “Herbie” the fish and the mug you got for Christmas from the guys at work scrawled with “Is The Refill Free? on it).
  • Plumb of the month; because not all toilets or sinks are created equal
  • Bad Service of the Month (be sure to include the Little Caeser’s drive thru story, Toys R Us and Walmart fiascos)
  • High school antics (including rubber chicken chasing stories)
  • Memories from the Detention Chair (to chronicle your elementary and middle school..not everyone had there very own designated detention chair like you did)
  • Why my Mom was a Saint for 3 boys, each less than 2 years apart
  • Wanton Wreckings….Vehicles from my past (there has to be years worth of fodder in this category alone)
  • I broke this bone doing….(insert stunt here)
  • Stories of people I have run into that say “Gosh, can’t believe that you lived to as old as you” and why they probably utter that
  • Why my Mon’s investment in guitar lessons was not a total waste – perhaps video of tunes you have learned
  • Why no one has ever accused me of needing to overcome a shyness problem
  • Facebook post that ticked me off
  • Facebook post that I did that ticked off someone
  • Stuff not to put down your drain, unless you like paying a fortune for a plumber
  • Road Rage of the Month… and why I am a magnet for it.

Think that is a good start:)


One comment on “Idea’s for Marv’s Blog”

  1. Do you know which child I am???. I really love this. too bad I can’t seem to post this on my facebook page.

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