Polpettone di Mama from Chef’s Choice menu from CASA RISTORANTE ITALIANO

By: kmom14

Feb 26 2016

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Category: Casa Ristorante Italiano, Dining Out

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As I took a vacation day today I decided to treat myself to some carry out from Casa’s, a local chain known for its Italian dishes.  I saw they had a new “Chef’s Choice” menu offering and decided to try out “Polpettone di Mama”, which was a Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes dish to go.

The meatloaf was a generous portion that was not too dense but had a hearty flavor (website indicated contained fresh herbs and blended cheese) and it was covered with a pan gravy and crispy onions on top and it also has a bit of tomato sauce on the very top of some of the slices.  I loved the addition of crispy onion on the top and will try this with my own meatloaf the next time I make one.  Only thing is I wish it had included more gravy and I would have liked to use some on top of the mashed potatoes.

The mashed potatoes were Redskin potatoes seasoned with garlic.  They were more chunky than standard mashed potatoes and included the skins; I liked it, but if you don’t like chunky mashed potatoes or potato skins, you probably are not going to like them.

It was also served with a small Casa salad that is crisp lettuce and toasted croutons served with their house dressing and a small loaf of their complimentary house baked bread, which is always delicious.

Overall, I liked the dish but doesn’t replace my favorite one from them, Cavettelli con Quattro Formaggo.

The cost was $13.99.


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