Kettler Hall at IPFW

kettler hallBack in 1997/1998, I attended classes at Kettler Hall to further a career in Finance as I worked in banking at the time.   Where I worked at the time offered tuition reimbursement (tuition only, no books or other fees).  I already had a Bachelor’s degree,  I needed more education to pursue advancement and my advisor recommended I consider pursuing an MBA, which I was considering.

I decided to start with a refresher in Algebra.  It was as 8 AM Algebra to try to get here early enough to park at the meter four times a week as I had a mad dash after class to run to my car and make it downtown where I worked by 9:00 AM.   It was a little unconformable as I was the oldest person in the class in a sea of 18-year-old freshmen, but I would study and do homework after putting Kyle to bed at night and aced the class.

Unfortunately, the next class was not offered at 8 AM and all I could find that I could attend was a night class and it was not one of the few online offerings at that time as online classes through the internet were still something fairly new.

Although I did well in the class,  childcare was an issue.  At one point I took Kyle with me and we were waiting outside my class for his Dad to pick him up so I could go in.  It pained me to see the look on Kyle’s face to see that it looked like he felt he was an inconvenience to me.  I ended up missing a few classes which resulted in my grades being cut even though assignments were completed and I did well on the tests.  I didn’t want to be torn between being a good Mom or having a career and I decide to focus on the former and give up the latter.



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