5 Basic Cooking Skills – Gordon Ramsay

I subscribe to Gordon Ramsey’s channel on Youtube even though many of his recipes are higher-end, more complex and have ingredients that are way out of my price range, I have loved all of the simpler recipes and have loved the ones that we have tried so far.

The above video is 5 basic cooking skills by Gordon Ramsey that most anyone could use: Chopping an Onion, Cooking Rice, Knife Sharpening, removing skin and bones from a fish and Cooking Pasta.

The onion was probably the most interesting and useful as I picked up watching my Mom and instead of top to bottom, cut horizontally, then cut into rings on each side then dicing the rings into pieces.

I had never tried Cardamon and Star Anise to flavor rice and looking forward to trying that.  I have put butter or oil in the pasta after it was cooked but didn’t think to put it in the water before adding the pasta.   I have never used a sharpener like the one he had, so it would be good to know in case I would ever want to buy one.

The only skill I don’t see myself ever using removing skin and bones from a fish (I haven’t had eaten fish since grade school), but then again, you never know what life might throw at you.  Perhaps if there was a zombie apocalypse and that is all there was to eat.



  1. Even if there were a Zombie Apocalypse you would rather eat skunk than fish I reckon. And I would also bet you did not have to use “spell check” when you spelled “apocalypse”.

    • No, I did not have to look up how to spell apocalypse, but it is a pretty common word these days.

      As I would have no idea of how to prepare a skunk, and at least, I have watched the above video and have a slight clue of what to do, I would probably end up going with the fish. (Although those poisonous berries from the “Hunger Games” would almost be more appetizing).

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