Diet Coke IT’S MINE™ Label Campaign – Over 2 Million Different Prints

1 diet cokeThe latest campaign by Diet Coke is unique designer labels with over 2 million different designs. The campaign was created by Coca-Coca Israel with assistance from with help from Gefen Team, Q Digital and HP Indigo to auto-generate unique designs using an algorithm.

In our area (Fort Wayne, Indiana) I have mostly seen ones with white and pastels with bits of black like on the bottle above and on the plastic bottles below.

1 diet coke 2

Label on 3 20ounce Diet Cokes



Photo: Adweek

Some of the vast array of designs on bottles of Diet Coke Bottles at bottling plant


Photo: Adweek

Some of the labels created by an algorithm  before going on the bottles at a bottling facility

Information source:  AdweekMyCokeReward

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