Oscar the Van Cat

1 van cat
When Kyle went to pick up his van, he noticed somehow the above cat had gotten into his van.   As he didn’t have time to do anything else. he took the can to work with him.  Sound like he and his buddy Travis posted on Snapchat to their friends and Kyle nicknamed the cat Oscar the Van cat.

Kyle said he was very mellow and seemed to enjoy riding on Kyle’s lap in the van.  Have to agree with the mellow part.   Kyle brought him in and he made himself right at home. Walking around checking everything, although his favorite thing to do was jump on the ironing board.   He seemed particularlly pleased when he knocked the iron over.  He also liked jumping from the ironing board to the a nearby tray table, which he almost knocked over and seemed he was ready to jump up to a higher perch/knock off my knick knacks to make room for himself when I had to tell him no and Kyle grabbed him and put him on the floor.

He was so mellow he didn’t mind Kyle holding him up under his arm and he was still purring.   He took him with him to his girlfriend’s place to find a place to stash him and check to see if some is looking for  him or be his new home if no one does.

cat 2



One comment

  1. Kyle was ok with The Van Cat untill the cat peed In his precious 2006 diesel F-250 4 door 4×4 truck. After that finding a new home for Oscar the X van cat became a high priority

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