Wheel Problems

Immediately after having my oil change/tire rotation yesterday.  They indicated a list of items suggested for repair, all of which I was not surprised to hear except for a stud needing replacement.  When I asked they said a stud was broken on one of the wheels.  They asked if I wanted them to email me an estimate and I said sure.

I had been on the fence as far as putting money into this car or trying to get something different until my recent visit to the ER, which, like Kyle’s braces, is going to cost me more than my last car, so now I am going have to try to keep this one going a  few more years.

The car had a little wobble when I left, but I initially chalked it up to just the wear on the tires being different tread amounts, that is until I got on the interstate and it was like driving a paint shaker.  I called my son from the road and he advised me to pull over and he would come check it out.

I called my son from the road and he advised me to pull over and he would come check it out, but I recall the time I got a flat tire on the interstate and just slowed way down to around 35-40mph as I was near the exit to Goshen Road by then so wanted to try to get it home.  Was stressful as I kept getting honked at and flipped off, but I made it home.  Kyle came and checked it out and felt the shaking in the wheel too, thought maybe it might be a bent rim where it might not have been noticeable on the bank, but as the car was front wheel drive, now was and suggested switching the tires back to check.

As the oil change place was closed on Sunday, was going to go to Sears as they are open on Sunday, but as soon as Marv saw me driving it and the wheel wobbling, he had me take it back and park it and advised he would contact the oil change place tomorrow,as it was not a safe to drive even a short distance.

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  1. called them and Kicked their butts!! but it seems that when they rotated tires the rear wheel is a 13″ rim and the car takes 14″, so on the front Now was a 14″on one side and a 13″ on the other. being front wheel drive this will tear up the CV as the two sides are turning at vastly different velocities. Also it seems that when the front disc brake pads were changed they were done incorrectly and some bolts were hitting the 13″ rim but not the 14″ rim. When the rotation occurred and the 13″ rim was placed on the front the back of the rim was hitting those caliper bolts and not allowing the rim to “seat” against the hub on one side resulting in a cocked wheel installation,whereby causing the wobble. I admit this was not the fault of the Tuffies shop But what is their fault is they allowed the car to Leave that way thereby endangering the lives of the driver and Everyone around that car. For when the other wheel studs break- due to the added stresses of wobble and one stud being broke,that tire leaves the car traveling uncontrollably at highway speed and the loss of control of a 2 ton hunk of metal going at highway speeds and one can see the danger of life and property.When I saw that tire wobble I got -upset to put it in restraint. Tuffy switched the tires back where they were and corrected the problem with the front caliper but did not replace the broken stud. they also covered the tow in charge and did not charge Kat and more $$. But I’m sure she- and I know I would have paid for a new wheel stud. Or for that matter all 4 new studs as the stresses on those remaining 3 had to exceed the tolerances spec. by ANSI

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