Breaded Cheeseburger

By: kmom14

Jul 13 2014

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While I posted about finding this at Arnold’s Drive-In in Decatur yesterday, as this was my favorite food during the early 1970′s I think it deserves its own post.   The food itself brings back good memories of looking forward to it during a very bleak period in my childhood.   

From about 1970 to 1974 or so my mother worked at a local truck stop and sometimes we would go out to eat there on her days off and that is when I first heard of this and it became my favorite food that I always looked forward to having it one or twice month or for a special treat.

This was back in the days when cigarettes were sold in vending machines near the entrance to the establishment, there were smoking ads everywhere and people smoked there as well.  We discussed while we were there that it was common to see Junior High kids smoking on school grounds as soon as they got off the bus.  

 It was a time when the majority of public was not as health conscious as they are today.   Funny how that has changed over the past few decades, but I think it is for the best.

As I posted yesterday, there is a thin layer of beef and cheese inside a crispy coating that is deep fried and when you bite in you get a mix heated burger and melted cheeses with a cooler crispy out crust and although above burger is a little scrunched, usually it cooks  up raised in the center like a UFO.    In some ways they are similar to a breaded tenderloin with melted cheese inside. 

One thing I failed to mention is that you do want to let it rest a minute for the cheese to cool off because if you don’t it is too liquefied and hot and can burn your lips and tongue (a lesson learned the hard way).

As it is deep fried and was probably loaded with preservatives, chemicals and calories,  they probably won’t be making a comeback, but was nice to find one and relive a special treat from the past and to share with a younger generation.     

With all the food channels that are out there now and kids starting to cook at younger ages, perhaps after trying something like this they can come up with a healthier version with just as much or better flavor.




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