Kyle’s New Motorcycle Helmet

By: kmom14

Jul 25 2014

Category: Kyle

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/3 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

Kyle apparently bought a new motorcycle helmet online and he likes it.  I would post more about it but he had places to go and people to see and apparently didn’t have time to talk and was annoyed that I took his picture.   Someday I think he will look back and thank me for recording this moment in time, but I don’t count on it being any times soon…or the next decade for that matter.

He had been out of town all week taking a class required by his employer in Columbus, Ohio and that were gracious enough to pay for, including his hotel room and a meal allowance and I had missed him and looked forward to seeing him, but he as with most 20 year olds, Mom (or his Dad for that matter) was not a priority.

His work van was at his Dad’s but he was no where to be seen.  I texted to see where he was at and he said would stop by after getting something to eat.  I texted I hadn’t eaten and suggested meeting up and him he said he was at Brett’s working on a car.

He showed up an hour or so later and had already eaten, went to the restroom, checked his credit card balance,  showed me his helmet, then left for his friend Seger’s place.  He was probably here all of about 5 minutes, again, which is typical of most 20 year olds.

In looking back on the summer when I was 20, I went to summer term at college by choice.   It was because sitting in class (and going to or throwing parties) was preferable to spending time in my hometown and feeling so confined; boxed in.  I  just wanted to be free to make my own decisions (and unfortunately, mistakes and bad judgment), so I imagine that is what he is feeling too so try to give him is space.


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